ZTE Valet (Z665C) Straight Talk Review

zte valet phone reviewThe ZTE Valet from Straight Talk is a new Android phone.  This light weight (4.5 ounces) phone is a compact and easy to use smart phone.  The ZTE Valet can do it all including web browsing, sharing pictures, using Facebook and InstaGram, plus you don’t have to pay a huge sum for all Android latest features.

You can start using your phone right out of the box and best of all, you’re using the latest Android version available for this level phone.  Features available include:

  • + MMS picture messages
  • + Swipe type keyboard for faster text messages
  • + Front and Rear camera for video chatting (with Wi-Fi)
  • + GPS Navigation
  • + Google Play Store for all your app and games

Since this phone is not going to break the bank, you will feel good knowing that you don’t pay a lot and still get a lot.  Use Bluetooth to connect to your car or headset device as well as use the voice feature to send text messages for faster on the go massaging.

You can download all your music files right on to the phone and listen to them on the go like an MP3 Player.  An additional SD card might be required depending on the size of the music library being imported though.

The ZTE Valet is an easy to use and affordable phone from Straight Talk for new users or experienced Android users that do not want to spend too much and still have a great phone.

Find out if the ZTE Valet is available in your area



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